In 2005 Becky Castle received revelation from the Lord when she heard, “If someone would network networks, they could take nations”.

About Cornelius Connection

As she sought understanding of this revelation with the Lord this led to the development and creation of Cornelius Connection International (CCI). CCI is an international ministry modeled after the supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit in Acts 10 – 11 when Peter was visiting the home of Cornelius. The Holy Spirit fell on all listening to Peter’s message in the house and this immediately opened the door to an entirely different people group (the gentiles) to which the revelation of Jesus Christ was given, received and spread!


Network Christian centered ministries, businesses and networks for Kingdom expansion.


Establish, undergird and sustain ministries and businesses that equip and empower Christian Leaders. 


Interdependently mentor and disciple a select number of Christian Leaders, advise a strategic collection of regional ministries and entities that are divinely positioned to impact the region for Kingdom advancement.

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